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Senior Photographer Stan Sutrich

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

I live in Northern Buncombe county and serve Buncombe, Haywood, Madison, Henderson and Transylvania counties.  


What's your style?

I am fascinated with light and composition whether using Color or Black&White.   I incorporate this style in my Real Estate/architectural, Portrait, Pet, and Aerial Drone Photography with a touch of Abstract.  


What is your turnaround on the photos? 

It depends on the project.  For events it is usually within 14 days, Real Estate 24 hrs, Portrait, and Pets I can have proofs within 3 days.  Of course, it depends on how big the projects are, video takes a slightly longer time to put together.  Just let me know your timeline when we book and I can work around that.


Do you do Video?

Yes!  I listen to what you need and I'm always excited about putting the video together with the appropriate music.  Aerial Drone video is a creative solution to add to many projects.


What are your favorite types of projects?

Anything Creative!  I love challenges and the ability to freely put together a project. I am inspired by the likes of Louie Schwatrzberg, Marc Adamus, and Christian Vieler.


Can you help make me feel comfortable?

Getting to know you first, your goals for the project, and your desires will help put you at ease.  Don't worry, I know you may not be a model but I will help guide you into the best positions, it will be fun!  Past clients have commented that I put them at ease with my calm and humorous demeanor.  As for pets, a short session of getting to know them first and measuring their energy level is essential before we start.


Can I bring multiple outfits for portraits?

Of course! You should limit it to 2 or 3 outfit changes and I can offer suggestions if you are unsure.  You will also have to consider where we will be shooting and if there are changing facilities nearby.


Will I own the images from the photoshoot?

Yes, once delivered you will own the images, however,  I asked you to give me credit when posting on social media and for marketing purposes.  I also retain the rights to use photographs to update my website and for advertising purposes.  If you feel uncomfortable with your images being used for my marketing efforts we can talk about other options.


What is your pricing?

Pricing varies from project to project.  My standard prices are listed HERE


Do you go to the location?

Most of my shoots are on location.  I have a portable studio that includes backdrops and lighting for every occasion whether indoors or outdoors and being in the mountains I like using natural settings.


How many photos do I get?

Generally, for the price, you will get 3 images of your choice.  Others will be available in additional packages.  I also offer print services.


Do you touch up images?

Yes, every image I deliver is post-produced with my own unique style.  This involves color correction, clarity and sharpness adjustments, selective black&white processing, tone mapping, and other corrections. 

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